Programs and Services

Conciliation-Mediation Program

  1. Perform conciliation and mediation functions;
  2. Provide Technical Assistance in the Preparation and Administration of Collective Bargaining Agreements and and in Drawing Up Joint Agreements;
  3. Provide training on Alternative Dispute Resolution;
  4. Supervise/observe conduct of strike balloting and improved/reduced offer balloting;
  5. Provide counseling services on labor relations related issues;
  6. Provide training on effective negotiations and collective bargaining;
  7. Provide speakership services on labor relations related topics during seminars, symposia, and orientation;
  8. Provide Free Legal Aid and Voluntary Arbitration Services (FLAVAS).

Voluntary Arbitration and Grievance Settlement

  1. Administer the Voluntary Arbitration Program;
  2. Maintain and update a roster of Accredited Voluntary Arbitrators (AVAs);
  3. Administer a program for the continuing professionalization of AVAs;
  4. Provide technical assistance in the submission of issues to voluntary arbitration and in the selection of AVA or panel of AVAs;
  5. Process and grant subsidy on voluntary arbitration fees;
  6. Conduct plant-level orientation seminars on grievance machinery and voluntary arbitration ;
  7. Conduct training programs on effective grievance handling, position paper writing, etc.;
  8. Provide technical assistance in the operationalization and strengthening of grievance machinery.

Workplace Relations and Enhancement (formerly Labor-Management Cooperation) Program

  1. Conduct plant-level orientation seminars and skills training on LMC;
  2. Facilitate the setting up, re-activation and strengthening of plant-level LMCs;
  3. Establish and maintain linkages with LMC Practitioners’ Associations nationwide.

Other Services

    1. SAGIP
      (Strategic Action Group for Industrial Peace) / QRT (Quick response Team) – The NCMB has extended its field operations on a 24/7 basis to improve the delivery of conciliation-mediation services which include but not limited to the conduct of marathon conciliation-mediation conferences, monitoring of actual strike activities, coordination with relevant agencies, intervention in wildcat strikes, etc.;
    (Free Legal Aid and Voluntary Arbitration Services/Single Entry Approach) – Under this program, the Board’s services are extended beyong purely organized groups to individual complainants. The NCMB takes advantage of the effectiveness of its conciliation-mediation services to provide immediate assistance to unorganized and individual workers and to unions that are the early state of organizing.